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16 May 2010 @ 06:54 am


Apologies if it seems i remaind inactive for awhile well i did, the bunnies were
on holiday. So yeah i'm back and will finally get to finish my Gangs of Merseyside.
It's about time no? Ahha.  My apologies again.

Apparently, there's are EYES watching us. So with dat lil isty bitsy problem. I'm goin to flock the fics. Not to worry though. You guys could still read the fics WITHOUT friend-ing me. Cos i'll only be flocking the OLD entries. The NEW entries will be OPEN for at least a month or until i come up with another one. So apologies in advance.

If you wish to befriend me, feel free to add me. yea.

your annoying author :-


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Current Fic:

Gangs of Merseyside
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10 August 2009 @ 03:43 pm

 So Gangs of Merseyside had been found out on
the S/X Fic Vault post.

First off i have to say..
AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! THANKS!!! Can't believe you lot still remember itt!
and secondly.
I'm terribly sorry that i never did finish the fic due to unforseen reasons.

ok i now is about time i finish off the fic yes?

see you soon i guess.

- plastikpoppy 
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06 October 2008 @ 01:41 am

Title: A solstice musical

Author: plastikpoppy

Characters: Daniel Agger, Fernando Torres, Robbie Fowler, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville featuring Steve Macmanaman

Author’s Note: did this for last year secret santa about time i post it.. lolz and eljay is annoying me..

no cuts sorry..



Fernando yawned lazily as he slouch on the pew; absentmindedly rolling a silver coin between his fingers. His handsome face painted in boredom as he the procession around him. He has never cared much for Christmas anyways, not since he was twelve. To him it’s a chore, but to appease his parent he went along with them.


He gazed with mild interest as the choir was sung some hymns; the alter boys ambled along the pews to collect some donations from the congregation.  A familiar face in the sea of faces caught his eye, his mischievous face looking out of sorts, poking out of his priesthood robes. Fernando can’t help but stifle a laughed as he watch him clumsily attempt to discreetly sort out a wardrobe malfunction as he walk down the isle towards him.


‘Ah good to see all of yer again!’ said Father Fowler, shaking each of their hands in turn. He stoop down a little as he reach Fernando and whispered, ‘I ‘ope that will be kept between us yea?’ Fernando could only chortled in response.


‘You too Father. Hope all is well?’


‘Well it’s not Christmas without the little mishaps yea?’


‘One of our young charges found it amusing to shave the house cat bald.’ Said Father Fowler, shooting a stern glance over his shoulders; a young man with mossy dark hair and gaunt face moodily shove the donation basket under the noses of the annoyed church goers.


‘NEVILLE YER DO THAT ONE MORE TIME YER GOIN TO SLEEP WITH THE RATS!’ A booming voice roared through the church halls; making everyone jumped in their seats in fright. The young man called Neville scowled once more and muttered quick a apology and stalked off towards the wooden doors behind him.


‘Sorry ‘bout that! He has been a very difficult child. His mother has sent him here with ‘opes that he would become better but – ‘Father Fowler whispered softly, sighing heavily. ‘One of our younger priest, Brother Carragher , yer lot know him no?’ He continued pointing towards a heavy set man with a strong clenched squarish jaw who was barking down orders in the corner.


‘- he’s helping us out with Neville.’


‘Anyways, we also have a spot of bother with the annual musical, one of our boys, bless him, caught a bit of the smallpox and he can’t continue to play the piano – erm’


‘I was wonder if yer, Fernando would like to take over his place since you’re gifted with the ivories. We the church would be deeply honoured if you consent to it.’


Fernando who was not was not paying any attention till than, sat muted. His whole body rigid, mind blank; taken by surprise at the request bestowed over him. He had always love music; all his life. He had been part of his school musical orchestra, he had honed his skills in the best music school in the country, he had played to a bigger audience but somehow he felt uncertain about this.


‘So how ‘bout Son?’ Father Fowler looked expectantly at him. Fernando could only smile awkwardly and fidgets uncomfortably in his seat; suddenly becomes very interested in his shoes.




Fernando walked aimlessly around town, his mind stuck in muck; muttering some incomprehensible Spanish under his breath. He shoved his hands roughly into his pockets; cussing at himself for being so stupid. He stared moodily ahead; throwing sharp glances, daring anyone to come near him. He kicked an empty can that lay in the streets, thinking ruefully to himself. No one had twisted his arm into submission, he could have declined but chivalry decided to pay him a visit. He cursed out loud again making a group of young boys jump sending all the groceries that were laden in their hands, scurrying in every direction down the road.


‘Oy watch where you’re going?’ He snarled, throwing scathing looks at them as they chased after the runaway groceries and bundled them into their arms as quickly as they can. Fernando stood there glaring, his chest heaving rapidly. He knew it was childish of him to vent his anger on them but at this moment he couldn’t care less.


‘Well if you’re done throwing a hissy fit, you would have noticed that they can’t see beyond all the stuff they were carrying.’ A clear and crisp voice rang in his ears as a blurry figure storm past him, almost knocking of his balance.


Fernando spun on his spot and noticed a strapping young man squatting a few feet away from him; helping the boys retrieved their lost groceries. His dark hair barely visible, neatly tucked away under his green khaki cap. A dirty, well worn bag hung loosely across his vast shoulders. He ruffled the hair of the smallest boy and told them to run along before he turns slowly to face Fernando again.


‘Man of your stature I would have thought, have more class than that. But I was sadly mistaken.’ He gave Fernando a curt nod of his head and disappeared into the crowd.


‘Being scared shitless of anything is not either.’ He thought to himself; clenching his fists tightly; as he watched his silhouette merged with the others.


‘But is it wrong of to feel this way?’




Fernando fidgeted with the doorknob; wrestling with his conscious that’s telling to run now before it’s too late and his pride which was telling him to face his demons. He groaned inwardly to himself, resting his forehead on the cold wooden surface. Suddenly the door swung open, to reveal a young man, his dark beady eyes staring at him from behind his curtain like hair .


‘Whotcher lookin’ at?’ He growled, pushing Fernando against the door; his nose within inches from his own. ‘For fuck sake, Gary! Hands off the new boy!’


The familiarity of the new voice made Fernando turn his head sharply to his left. ‘What? He’s another one of your boy toy, Agger?’ sneered Gary, his firm grip on Fernando’s shirt loosening; gaiting slowly towards the intruder.


‘Why, Gary? Interested to sign up?’ Agger said in a mocking tone without bating an eyelid. ‘Fuck you! Dan?’ Gary cussed, leaving a bemuse Dan in his wake. ‘Like wise Gary, like wise!’


‘Mind him! I’m Dan Agger by the way?’ Dan smiled, offering his hand to Fernando. Fernando’s brows furrowed perplex by his actions. ‘You don’t remember don’t you?’ He blurted out..


‘Aye, I do. You’re that ungracious prat that I told off the other day.’ He laughed genially, his eyes twinkling under the bright lights. The premature wrinkle around his mouth pulled taut as he chortled at the confused look on Fernando’s face.


‘Treat all as you yourself want to be treat, no?’ He said simply wrinkling his nose slightly; shrugging his shoulder slightly. ‘You got that from that!’ Fernando chuckled, nudging his head towards the thick book Dan was holding in his hands.


‘Nah, just something I learn - Judge one not from his appearance but from his behaviour’


‘And you were acting like proper wanker the other day, mind you’ He laughed loudly, inclining his head slightly to the left.


‘So you’re not like mad at me?’ Fernando ventured, his insides swelling with utmost respect and admiration towards him.


‘Let bygones be bygones eh!’





Fernando never felt at ease with anyone before. It’s almost like he has found a best friend in the most unlikeliest of places. Each day as he spends more time with him it’s like uncovering a diamond in the ruff. He has taught him many things about himself and he in turn shared with him, his life and love for music. Both of them are so alike in many ways it’s almost like they are half of the same piece of pendant.


Time pass without a boring day in the rehearsal room; it amuses Fernando to watch Brother Carragher chased after a pack of rats every day, that have taken refuge in the empty room where they kept the costumes. He and the rest of the boys  try hard to contain their laughter as they watch him chases after them down with a broom held aloft and screaming ‘ FOOKIN’ RATS!’ at the top of his lungs. The appearance of Father Fowler perch on top of the table; clutching the hems of his robes, hollering direction to Brother Carragher to chase the rats from every corner of the room, didn’t help matters either.


But things looked a bit bleaker as the day of the opening drew near, Fernando still has to constantly battle his internal demons. He knew he could not keep up with his mock bravado any longer and it kills him to admit that he was afraid.


Things got to a head when Fernando found out that Gary has tempered with the string in his piano after he had painstakingly tune it properly. The ensuing fight left him with bruised knuckles and a split lip but that was minimal compared to what Gary got. Fernando chuckled  to himself in satisfaction as he waited in the room to get some treatment.


‘Oy! What’s that all about?’ Dan said, storming into the room carrying a first aid kid and a basin of water; a perpetual grin craved on his face. ‘Well he was asking for it?’


‘Like you said judge him from his behaviour – he was a right down noob!’ Fernando smiled sheepishly, wiping away his bloody lip on his sleeve.


‘Oy, that’s unhygienic!’ Dan implored, briskly smacking Fernando’s hands away. ‘Bah! I’ll live!’ Fernando said nonchalantly, grinning.


‘Seriously mate, is anything bothering you? – you know you can tell me, no?’ Dan said carefully, wiping a wet rag over Fernando’s lips.


‘Ow! – What? Why you say that?’


‘Well, you look like you’ve been sucking on a lemon for the past few days!’ Dan said matter-of-factly; washing the blood sodden rag into the basin again, Fernando hated it when he does that. It’s as if he could see right through him; Fernando flinched a little trying to recollect his thoughts.


‘Well its nothing. You know nerves – about- about the musical and all!’ He stammered, deciding on a half truth; watching Dan slowly rinse out the almost dry rag.


‘Bollocks!- Your afraid of performing aren’t you?’


‘You get stage fright. No?’ Dan whispered quietly, turning to face Fernando slowly. But Fernando adverted his gaze from Dan’s and stared to his right, keeping mum.


‘All of us are afraid of something, Fernando. Even you!’ Dan said softly, his words laced with concern more than the bile that he though he would get. ‘I can see straight through you, Fernando!’


Fernando could only stay muted.


‘Do not fear of what people might think, cos they don’t own your life. Yours is your own!’


‘You got that from that book of yours.’ Fernando said turning slowly towards Dan, suppressing a chuckled. ‘Nah something I came up with at the top of my head!’ He grinned back.


‘Really Fernando, you’re great! Don’t let anyone take that away from you!’


Fernando could only nod his head he knows what Dan said was true.




The musical went off without a hitch, Fernando was glad that it was over but knew in his heart he was going to miss all the friends he have made here, especially Dan. But he knew this friendship will last for a long time. He found himself wandering around aimlessly after saying his goodbyes and finding his way into the confession room. Although he didn’t have anything to confess he decided to sit in one, just for the fun of it.



‘Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It’s been 6 years since my last confession,’


‘Blimey! That is long? Where you been lad?’


‘No where Father, I just didn’t really believe,’


‘Well my child better late than never I’d say.’


‘What is it that you want to confess my child?’


‘I have nothing to confess actually – I just wanted to say Happy Christmas Father’


‘You too Son, you too!’


Beyond that partition an old man with shaggy blond hair chuckled heartily; this was probably the most pleasant confession he ever has sat in his life.

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03 October 2008 @ 11:11 pm

Title: Gangs of Merseyside

Author:plastikpoppy Genre: AU, cracktastic dramery

Disclaimer: Ok this took ridiculously a long time. Apologies but its here again so whee? XD Lies, lies and more lies. Just a pack of bullshytes!! Really. Comments are love. x posted to where it matters. .


Merseyside, England, 1950’s –

The backstreets of Merseyside are ruled by two powerful Mafia families, The Fowlers of Toxteth and The Carraghers of Bootle. The rivalry between these two families ran for decades but things goes into a tailspin when a new ‘Family’ surfaces. Little did they know that this new family was once their own. A tale of bitter betrayal, broken pride and hidden prejudices, a band of brothers are forced to fight against each other to survive.

Devil's Advocate
The Others
Foes in the alleyway

An Eye for an Eye
A turning point
Enemy at the gates P1

The story continuesCollapse )
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24 September 2008 @ 09:15 pm

i wonder how many people actually still reads this eljay.
anyways i've kinda abandon writing for a while as you can see.
but im in the mood to write again.

i need ideas..