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03 October 2008 @ 11:11 pm
Gang of Merseyside Capter 6 Part 2  

Title: Gangs of Merseyside

Author:plastikpoppy Genre: AU, cracktastic dramery

Disclaimer: Ok this took ridiculously a long time. Apologies but its here again so whee? XD Lies, lies and more lies. Just a pack of bullshytes!! Really. Comments are love. x posted to where it matters. .


Merseyside, England, 1950’s –

The backstreets of Merseyside are ruled by two powerful Mafia families, The Fowlers of Toxteth and The Carraghers of Bootle. The rivalry between these two families ran for decades but things goes into a tailspin when a new ‘Family’ surfaces. Little did they know that this new family was once their own. A tale of bitter betrayal, broken pride and hidden prejudices, a band of brothers are forced to fight against each other to survive.

Devil's Advocate
The Others
Foes in the alleyway

An Eye for an Eye
A turning point
Enemy at the gates P1

Chapter 6 Enemy at the Gates (P2)


John rolled at backseat of the car; swaying along to the bumps on the road. Ears strained to find clues to where they might be. He tugged at his restrains again, trying to escape but all he got for all his efforts was purple bruises. He tries to peek through the small crack underneath his blindfold but all he sees are just random bright lights passing by the window.


‘Oh we have a feisty un’ here! –‘A cold drawl quipped from his left. John could feel the seat beside him sunk a bit from an invisible pressure. ‘Tug all you want sweetheart! You not going any - WHERE.’


John could feel his hot whisper in his ear; lingering, toying with his head. A hand suddenly clasps on his thigh; lightly stroking up and down. He could feel the tiny hair standing at the back of his neck.


‘Luis, cut that out! You’ll get your chance later.’ A deeper set of voice rained on his ears again, this time to his front. He could smell the rancid cigar smoke billowing in the air; he coughed loudly.


‘The Boss’s not here, now. I can do whatever I want!’ The man called Luis hissed and continues to massage John’s thighs again. ‘What the Boss wants with him anyway?’


‘No idea! I was just told to bring him to the club cos the Boss wants to speak to him.’


John suddenly stops his tugging against the ropes when he heard the name.


The Club


His heart hammers loudly against his chest; his breath shortens; remembering his last visit. Their last visit.




‘Stay here!’ A voice commanded him, pushing him down onto a chair and yanking the blindfold off him. John squinted against the garish light swinging above him, he tried to move his hands but they remain shackled behind him.


‘Let me go!’ He screamed, twisting and trashing against his binds.


‘Sorry sugar, can’t do that!’


From the corner of his eyes John saw a group of men entering the room. The smallest of them all leapt gracefully onto the table in front of him wearing a gleeful grin on his face.


‘Tut. Tut. How filthy you look! You can go meet the Boss looking like this!’ John writhed violently as the man leaned in closer, trying to wipe away the dry blood on his lip.


John spat at him.


‘Tasty aren’t you? Sweet as honey! ’ The man cooed, serenely licking the blob of spit from the corner of his lips. ‘I’m going to enjoy myself when I get my hands on you!’


‘I’d rather be dead than be your bitch!’ John said contemptuously.


‘Oh don’t you worry. Death would soon be calling but not yet.’ He said sweetly, slinking off the table in one fluid motion. ‘For the time being – I’ John could feel his breath on his ears as he leans in. His voice slightly higher than a whisper lingered coldly ‘- suggest you get use to that idea. Oh yes, I intend to break into you over and over and over again!’





Xabi could hear his own heart beating in tandem with the squeaky wheels of the lone thinly clothed vagrant’s trolley walking past. His parched lips thinning as he gazed nervously at the derelict doors and back down at the piece of paper given to him.


‘So this is it than? I must be out of my mind!’ He thought to himself.


He shoved the piece of paper hastily into his coat pockets and slowly climbed out of the car. By force of habit he scanned the area around him before walking towards the peeling doors. With one last sweeping look, he knocked.




‘Will some please get the bleeding door!’ Steven rubbed his temples forcefully and staggers to get out of his chair. He caught his reflection in the glass cabinet next to him and noticed some red marking on his neck.


‘Fuckin shit – knew the second Martini was a bad idea.’ He though mischievously to himself – tracing the bite marks with the tips of his fingers and remembering vividly the pain that pleasured him awhile a few hours ago.


‘Alright- alright I’m coming – ‘He muttered, shifting his feet before him trying to ignore the slight tenderness in his groin. ‘Keep yer pants – ’ Steven didn’t manage to finish his sentence for he was momentarily dumbstruck by what greeting him at the door.


‘Well, aren’t yea a sight for the sore eyes.’ He smiled sardonically- pulling the door wider as his eyes feast on the shadowed form and curves of his guest. He licked his lips sensuously and leans against the door frame.

‘What bring yea to my doorstep at this time of night?’


Xabi shifts uncomfortably; he tried to speak but he was distracted by his sheer presences. He felt as if he was hit by a truck as Steven watches him intently. Every small movement made captivated him.


‘What?’ Steven purred his unwounded tie swung lazily around his open shirt. He tilted his head inquisitively; exposing a bit more skin as he did so. Steven took a step forward; Xabi watched mesmerised as the moonlight illuminate the patch of exposed pale skin. He could smell his scent as he leans in to whisper; sending him into over drive.


‘Cat got yer tongue?’ Xabi could feel Steven’s tongue teasing the edges of his ear.


‘I would if you would take your hands off your dick for a second.’ Xabi retorted coolly, mustering every ounce in his body not to respond to the teasing. ‘and you know its rude not to invite your guest in.’


Steven chortled appreciatively and took a step back. ‘My humblest apologies.’ He said and bows deeply. ‘Please come in and make yourself at home.’


‘Thank you.’


Suddenly a flash of light greeted him as Xabi walked in leaving him staggering backwards into Steven.


‘FUCK!’ He yelled.


‘HARRY! What the hell are yer doing?’


‘I – I - I’m sorry’ Harry muttered quickly; fumbling with the camera in his hand ‘I’m just surprised that’s all’


‘What’s brings him here?’ Harry demanded wildly; looking questionably at Xabi’s crumpled body against Steven.


‘It’s none of your business!’ hissed Xabi, quickly straightening up; rubbing his burning eyes slowly until his sight readjusts themselves.






Harry drew himself up to his fullest height and launch forward towards Xabi, his eyes big as saucers, livid. ‘I’ll show you!’


‘Harry stop it! He’s right!’ Steven said silkily. Harry gawked at him; his eyes eloquent with shock.


‘WHAT?’ Harry said incredulously.


‘What did you just said to me?’


‘Oh shut up yer tool! He came here looking for me, so naturally the matter does not involve yer, no?’ He said tartly.


‘But – I’m always included. No. – You wouldn’t!’ Harry spluttered and gasped.’ So why don’t yer be a good little doggy and play somewhere else. Okay.’ Steven said dismissively as he steers Xabi into an empty room and closes the door abruptly in Harry’s wounded face.


‘Mind him, he can’t be a pain sometimes.’


‘But he will be okay, right? – He looked so –‘Xabi started, looking startled at the brusque way he push Harry away.


Steven laughed disdainfully. ‘And here I thought yea were okay.’


‘What do you mean by that?’ Xabi said beseechingly. Steven just stood there gazing at him, his
expression blank –unreadable.


‘For a moment there I thought I saw some ruthlessness in yea. But I was wrong. You’re the direct opposite of yer brother. Aren’t ye?’


‘Am I right to guess that yea came without yer brother’s knowledge?’ Steven said pleasantly.


‘Am I right again to guess that this little meeting between us is some kind of a ruse for yea to find a way or weasel yer way in and stop it all’ Steven continued, his smirked becoming wider as he watch Xabi looking troubled and squirming before him.


‘How did you – ‘Xabi spluttered; backing away slowly, eyes searching wildly around the room for a way out


‘Know?’ Steven finishes the sentence for him. ‘Oh, the Prince always knows. And how he does it doesn’t matter?’


‘The real question now becomes – what should I do to an enemy who stupidly voluntarily walks into his domain unarmed?’


‘Tut tut! Yea disappoint me, Xabi. I thought you were smarter than this but alas I was wrong.’

Steven smiled placidly.

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