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Brothers On a Hotel Bed

star-crossed lovers

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The words i write meant nothing . They are just figments of my own imagination .

The Author


Queer-centric. Fangirls. Has the tendency to pair up the
unexpected. Loves smut but can never write a proper one. Am a
fluff, crack & slash addict. Writes mini-soaps,
one-offs and drabbles.

Loves her footie. An ardent Reds
supporter. Its Liverpool FC and not the Mancs (they are
the Red Devils. Get it right. FFS!!)

Am in love with Xabi Alonso and
Steven Gerrard. Add in Bastian Schweinsteiger, Lukas
Podolski, John Arne Riise, Luis Garcia, Daniel Agger
...err basically the whole Liverpool squad.Yes even gangly Peter Crouch.

What I've Written

One Offs

Close The Door Behind You
Err.. How Do You Say It Again

Long Drabbles

Say My Name
Socks of Love
Song Drabbles

Mini Soaps

Lil Boy Blue
Paperheart Soldier
Daddy's Girls, Always
Beautiful Mistake
Gangs of Merseyside

Its all lies, lies and more lies.

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